Charles Salvador Bronson

This man is also Crazy.   Based on my research he has some craziness within him.

Charles “Salvador” Bronson has been in prison for a long time.   He even has a movie about him titled “Bronson.”      He now apparently does paintings which he has won awards for (???).    He has gained fame by being one of the most violent British criminals in the history of history (History of Planet Earth, In the Milky Way Galaxy).

He also has a cool mustache.


If you want to work out.  He has written a book about working out.  The book is called “Solitary Fitness.”  He has spent A LOT of time in Solitary Confinement.  It has given him difficulty in interacting with people.

Do not “waste money on gym fees” just use nature and your environment to work out.

When he works out he does 1,000 Press-ups in an hour and he takes a two hour break and then he does 1,000 more Press-ups.  Pretty Crazy.

Here is another article about him: