Right vs Left (Conservative vs Liberal)

Biscuit post, right vs left,  conservative vs liberal

The Right and Republicans and Conservatives:

Conservatism is a philosophy that promotes retaining traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization.

Central tenets include “tradition”   “hierarchy and authority”      more extreme seek a return to “the way things were.”     A general defense of social and economic inequality.       Having power threatened and trying to win it back.

“American conservatives consider individual liberty, within the bounds of conformity to American values, as the fundamental trait of democracy, which contrasts with modern American liberals, who generally place a greater value on equality and social justice”

Judeo-Christian Values

Moral Absolutism

Anti-Communism and the fight against Creeping Socialism

American Exceptionalism

Abortion,   The mixture of Reality with Religion.

The Left and Democrats and Liberals

Liberty and equality

such as freedom of speechfreedom of the pressfreedom of religionfree marketscivil rightsdemocratic societies, secular governments, gender equality and international cooperation

The Age of Enlightenment

No State Religion; No Absolute Monarchy; No Divine Right of Kings

representative democracy and the rule of law

public trial by jury

Gender equality and racial equality

Separation of Church and State

Should there be welfare?

What about things such as torture as well as cruel punishment or public punishment?


End of post, DJ ROBO BISCUIT


The Omnipotent God

One key thing to understand is that God is all-seeing and all-knowing.  HE knew I was going to write this post before I wrote it and he did not strike me down.  I feel #blessed that I am still alive to write this post and the almighty lord of everything did not destroy me with his might.

DJ ROBO BISCUIT takes offense to the idea of God as well as Organized Religion as a whole.  The Biscuit shows some love to eastern religions but The Wise Biscuit is a truer defender of “forethought” as well as “skepticism.”

IF God is all-powerful then whey does he not destroy evil?

IF God is all-seeing and all-knowing why did he not alert the American Christians about the incoming attack on Pearl Harbor?

IF God is all-powerful then why did he not destroy the Nazis?  Also, why did he allow so many Jewish people to get slaughtered?

Another hypothetical, if in the world there were only 1000 Christians and they were in a jihad (holy war) against one million Satanists, then … would God step in and destroy the Satan-worshippers?

Or in theory, if there were only a handful of Christians left and they were in danger of death, would God step in to save their lives?

Does God also love the Ku Klux Klan?     It seems the KKK is full of God and full of wrath but does God like them?

If God is all-seeing and all-knowing and all-powerful then why does he not step in and kill men who are serial killers before these man commit any crimes?

Essentially why does God allow tragedy to occur if HE is so powerful?

Also, furthermore, if God is all-powerful and all-knowing then why do people need to donate money at Church?  Can’t God just conjure (summon) money to the Church?


-End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUIT

Religion is the Sigh of the Oppressed Creature (homeboy Karl Marx)

Karl Marx 1818-1883

Although it provides solace, religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world.

Karl Marx argues that religion is a belief system that enables the ruling class to maintain power in the present by promising the working class that things will be better in the hereafter.  The poor find solace in moral teachings because, ultimately, they will reap a reward for their suffering; social change is averted because religion stabilizes society and upholds the status quo.

These pieces of info were gathered from “The Sociology Book Big Ideas Simply Explained” From DK



If you are a poor person, maybe at some point you will look at yourself and say “I am poor.”   Perhaps you will think it does not seem fair.  Maybe you deserve better from life.  I think the key force is the use of critical thought.  the ability to ask questions.   “Why are things this way?”  “What can I do to improve my own life?”

The Ruling Class does not want you to do that.  They want you to accept that you life may not be good right now but if you worship the Lord and are a god follower of the Lord then you shall be rewarded in the afterlife.


Information and thoughts pulled out of pages 256 to 259 of The Sociology Book.                     -End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUiT

Thoughts on Self-Help

Check out this post from Philosophy For Life

Self-help: a religion for capitalists

Very well written and combines good areas like Hubbard to Robbins to Zigler

Is it Self-Help or is it a Religion?

Also, the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene says one of the rule is to “Create a Cult Like Following”



The Profits Of Religion

I recommend a story

it is called “The Profits of Religion” by Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair also wrote “The Jungle” and he wrote “Oil!” which was inspiration for THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

Upton Sinclair had many things to say and wrote many books.   If you have been suspicious about religion then I think THE PROFITS OF RELIGION by Upton Sinclair would be great for you.


The Life of a Human Cow (For God)

The Beautiful fur covers the body.   Soft.   Fluffy.  White.   You are the enemy of many chickens.

The nearby human places your head onto your body.    ZIP!   ZIP!      The fur is on.     You are not a naked creature!     The pajamas are placed onto your furry body.

“Out to the corner.”  A mysterious voice demands.

The world can only be half-seen.   Light floods in as the back door is open.   Sidewalk Sidewalk.   WALK WALK (cow hoof on the ground, cow hoof on the ground)

The temperature is warm.   STEP STEP STEP.     You stop at your destination.    You are a Bovine Prostitute.

“Dancing Time.”

A homeless man laying on the street turns his head.  He sees a large cow dancing around on the street corner.    Cars are driving by honking.   “Anything for a dollar.”  Homeless Jim slurs his words.

The human creature within the Bovine costume slowly tires.    DANCE DANCE DANCE.   The cars continue their honks.

Sweat drips down into the eyes of the human.   The eyes can not be touched through the blocking apparatus of the COW head.

The sweaty cow-human walks back to home base.

ZIP ZIP.   The Head is removed.    It is a human man.    Into the freezer for you.    ENJOY that cold pepsi.

(This establishment is closed on Sundays)

This sweaty cow-man brings joy to small kids and slight terror to confused dogs.

Praise the Lord!   Jesus loves chicken sandwiches.

“Hey Cow!   Out to the corner!”

My pleasure.


-DJ ROBO BISCUIT (a man who used to be a COW)