UnNamed Dave Part 5 – The Meeting

Dave entered the meeting room.

His teammates were there.  Dave was happy for a break from his work and staring at his screen.    His mind will enjoy a break in the meeting but he will still have to show discipline.

Dave is not excited to hear Max Power.  Max Power is a coked out douchebag sales trainer who the team has the pleasure of listening to on audiobook.  Mr Power has a bestselling book called the “The Big Action.”  He thinks the key to winning in sales is to relentlessly take Big Action and just attack everything with huge force.  Instead of making 20 phone calls, you should make 120 phone calls.  Instead of setting up 3 meetings, you should set up 30 meetings.  You get the idea.  The Sales Director with the typo emails is a big fan of Max Power.

“The Big Action” has about 13 chapters.  The book could have most likely been 2 or 3 chapters but there is a good amount of fluff and repeating of the same things.

Don’t be a loser man.  In this world you need to win win win.  When somebody tells me No I can feel that they want to say Yes and then I press hard!  This world has got winners and losers and you need to pick who you want to be.  I want to be a winner.  I’m winning all the time baby!  My editor told me I should not say this but I am going to anyway, Get off your fat ass and take The Big Action!  People will try to stop you but don’t let them.  You are being a loser!  The Big Action is what you need!  Is this your job or is this a career?  How will you feed your family?  You need that Big Action baby!  -Max Power

The above transcript is how much of the book is.  As Dave looks around the table it is hard for him to tell if his fellow workers are listening to Max Power or if they are simply daydreaming while staring at the table.

After they finish the chapter, their manager is ready to do some motivation.  The manager says, “Okay team I hope we are ready to do The Big Action!  It is important to me that we hit our numbers.  My goal is that everyday, we are on top of the number boards.  You each have 500 prospects so I don’t see why each of you can’t be on top of that number board.  When I was in your position, one time I was sad because I thought I may get fired and then that motivated me to work to keep my job!  So I want you guys to know, if you don’t work hard then the Sales Director may fire you.”

Dave was having an internal monologue: “What is this bullshit?  I think I need to start hunting for a new job where I am not being informed that I could be fired everyday.  This is not healthy.”

The manager continued on.  The manager was talking about the numbers and how to go about calling the prospects.

The manager looked at Dave.  “Dave do you know what you need?”

Dave:  What is that?

Manager:  Focus.

The Manager continued, “you need to have focus.  I can tell that when you are about to make a sale that you get mega focused on what you are about to sell.  But what you really need to do is focus on all of the prospects.  Once you can focus on one hundred at a time then you will be successful.”  The manager said this with emphasis as if there was a communication of deep meaning.  Clearly the manager did not see the conflict between the idea of focus and “shotgun-strategy” (or Wide-Net approach).

Dave thought: “Oh okay I get it.  Instead of Focusing on one or two things, I need to focus on one hundred things.  Wow!  Makes perfect sense.”

The Manager continued to talk for a little bit.  “Okay team let’s go make some calls!”

As Dave got up to walk out the door he was thinking to himself, “My job hunt begins tonight.”