Crazy Dani a.k.a Daniel Koellerer

Daniel Koellerer is suffering a lifetime ban from tennis.

He has a lifetime ban from tennis due to match fixing.  He also was one of the most hated men on the tour.

At one point Lukas Koubot choked him on the court.  I think he called him an “asshole” or possibly insulted his mother.   Clearly it is out of the ordinary for somebody to get grabbed by the throat on the tennis court.

When Crazy Dani played it was with a lot of anger and yelling.  But he definitely had much passion.  The thing that saddens me the most is that he had a nice tennis game.  He had a good serve and he was fast.  His tennis game was versatile and he was a battler.  But he was just too crazy.  Crazy Dani could not control his craziness.

Enjoy this video (Sorry for the music)(not my video)


(End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUIT, good luck in life to Daniel Koellerer)