Brazilian Tennis (Beatriz Haddad Maia)

She is on the rise!  Number 76 in the world Beatriz Haddad Maia.  One of the few high level female players from Brazil.   She is lefty.  She plays more of a counter-punching style based on being consistent.  It appears she has more of a skill-set for constructing points on the clay.



Haddad Maia does not possess any big powerful weapons but she can slice her lefty serve and she can MAKE BALLS!


Also, the Brazilian male player MONTIERO plays pretty well, he is a lefty and a good clay court grinder with a pretty clean game (very spin spin).


Hurray for tennis!   I hope that Beatriz Haddad Maia can keep winning and pull her ranking up into the top 50!!!


Yoshi Nishioka is a Winning Machine!!!

He is at this moment sitting at his career high ranking of 58 in the world.  Top 60!!!

He just beat Tomas Berdych in Indian Wells!

The lefty from Japan had to knockOut the talented Swede Elias Ymer and

then he had to defeat the big serving Dr Ivo Karlovic (The Ace Machine) and

Now he has defeated the Czech Terminator Berdych!

Nishioka is lefty and he is a scrappy-grinder kind of player who just battles and battles to win.  He hits lefty kick and lefty slice serves and he hits reverse forehands and hooks.  He is like a less-powerful Nadal.

I hope Nishioka can knock out Wawrinka!!!  That would be a huge upset!

I have a feeling that Wawrinka came will be too powerful but sometimes Wawrinka has “off” days and Nishioka can win if he is feeling good and “playing hot”

Good job to the young man from Japan!

(End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUIT)

The Most Hated Man in Tennis – Rios

Marcelo Rios, The Most Hated Man in Tennis


A very very talented left handed player

Nick Bolletieri once said he thought that Marcelo Rios was one of the most talented players he had ever worked with.

Some say that Rios was kind of an A$$Hole.

Monica Seles claimed that they were in line for food together and he told her to “move her fat ass.”   Which I believe he said in Spanish.

Rios became the #1 player in the world.   He held onto the ranking for 4 weeks.

One time Rios said “$uck You” to a Chair Umpire.  He was disqualified from that tournament.

Famous for mooning some reporters.    He also fired Larry Stefanki his coach; after achieving the #1 ranking and he claimed he “wanted to go in a different direction.”

Rios has a daughter which some people think make him maybe a TINY bit happy.  He was often noted for being pissed or looking unhappy.  It was tough to earn a smile from him but some claim he MIGHT have smiled when his daughter was born.

Here he is playing Agassi.  This is when he was at his prime.