An Awesome Tennis Racquet

Do you need a racquet?   Look no further than the Head Prestige.

The Head Prestige is an excellent racquet.  The racquet has excellent feel and the ability to produce spin.  If you are a skilled player who has control and/or spin then go for the Midsize option (93 square inch) as it will increase your feel.

If you have played some tennis and you want a serious racquet (but don’t feel comfortable with a super advanced racquet) then the Head Prestige MidPlus is the way to go (98 square inches).

Don’t waste your time researching all racquets that exist.   If you want a good racquet then I am specifically recommending:   Head Microgel Prestige Mid (that is a 93 square inch head).

Other versions of the Prestige are good too, like the “i” series (intelligence)

The Microgel Prestige and the specifications on it produce an excellent racquet and you can hit a strong clean ball.