The Cliff and Flight

“Honey, I am excited for you.”

“Thank you babe.  I am getting close to achieving my destiny.”

“Yes you are.  Soon you will reach 100% potential and you will soar like an eagle.”

“Yes.  I thought I was doing great things when I was able to sustain my love-making for five minutes.”

“Yeah.  I enjoyed that.”

“And I thought I had achieved one of my highest potentials when I finished writing my erotic novel.”

“Yes.  It took great perseverance and creative strength.”

“I have been doing my push-ups and my deep meditation.  Tomorrow is the day for sure.  Leader says I am right on the cusp of achieving 100% and then I shall lift off.”

“But are you afraid?”


“Yes.  Are you afraid?  Do you really think you will be able to lift your body off the ground and fly like a bird?  You don’t even have wings.”

“Honey.  Do you doubt our leader and his teachings?”

“Of course not.”

“Right.  Well there is nothing to fear except for fear itself.”

“But I am scared.  I don’t want Leader to just push you off the cliff and have you fall into the abyss of darkness.”

“That will not happen.  When I am pushed I will not fall.  I will soar like a bird.  A powerful bird who has finally reached 100% potential after years of work.”

-End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUIT

The Cliff and Flight Part 1

“My followers they rarely ever reach their full potential.  They are always stuck at 10%.  But not you.  You have excelled.  You have pushed yourself to great heights.  Gone beyond your limits.  You are my greatest follower.  I am ready to pass on my final secret.  The secret of flight.  Yes.  Once you unlock the full potential of your body then you are ready to defeat Gravity and soar into the air.  That cliff will be your challenge.  At the bottom is a deep and evil abyss where no light enters.  So before you take off we will make sure to channel your energy properly so when the time comes you will be able to defy Gravity and fly with the great eagles.” Leader


Stay Fluffy