More Noodle World (March 12)

John Every left the sermon feeling excited and somewhat confused.  John could tell that Pastafarianism was a strange religion but it seemed that Christianity had some strangeness to it as well.

“I want to have some faith but I don’t want to be a crazy person.” John exclaimed.

He sighed.  He had to mentally prepare himself for work on Monday.

In recent news, Tina Creation did not have to prepare for work on Monday.  Tina Creation was excited.  She was putting on a nice dress as she was going to “make an appearance” at a Dinner.   Tina looked at herself in the mirror, she wanted to be sure that her oversize butt was obviously noticeable within her dress.

Tina sighed. “Making these appearances is tough but somebody has to do it.”

Tina looked in the mirror some more.  She made a variety of faces at herself in preparation for many photos, any of them could end up on the cover of a Magazine seen on a rack in a grocery store check-out aisle.

Sometimes Tina talked to herself.  “I bet if I just did SOMETHING I could get onto more magazines.   And I don’t know if I’m on TV enough…”

Tina had recently been having a very public romance with rapper/artist Dante South.  He was usually in the news and his relationship with Tina had been mutually beneficial.

Tina’s phone was buzzing.  It was her agent.  She picked up.

“Hey Tina.  Me, Andre.  Have you ever considered making a sex tape?” … … …

-End of Entry, Noodle World (fame)