Working For The Friendly Man

Check out this podcast from This American Life.  This is a special episode that has only stories from Scott Carrier who has a unique voice and storytelling on the radio.

The first and second act are the best.  It involves traveling and getting stories with Scott’s Unique style.   Scott Carrier has won a Peabody for his work with Radio.



Returning Forever (LL Bean)

Many people probably do not know this: but at L.L.Bean you can return your stuff forever!  They have a lifetime guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you have a pair of boots that you have worn for 15 years and the boots are now destroyed you can return them to L.L.Bean and you can get all of your money back.    Were you dissatisfied?  That is up for interpretation.

They won’t give you cash but they will give you store credit.

No matter what is brought back, the customer service team is supposed to NOT pass judgement and accept the items.

I found the story on NPR, This American Life.  Enjoy.  It is in the podcast after the section about Donations to the Republican party.