Brigsby Bear 2017 (Biscuit Review)

Brigsby Bear is a unique and one of a kind film.     I thought I was going to be able to guess the movie based on the trailer but I was totally wrong.

The movie is really interesting and heart-warming.  I give it 2 thumbs up.    It is a comedy in some ways but it truly is more of a thoughtful drama.

If you have a taste for animated movies or kids tv from the 80s then you’ll like this film.

Kyle Mooney was great.  It is good to see new people making films.

If you like Indie movies or movies that are a little bit different then I do recommend Brigsby Bear.


Live At The Necropolis: Lords of Synth


This is a great piece from Adult Swim.     XANGELIX!   WENDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a shout out to electronic music in the 80’s (I think).   This awesome 10 minute piece has some very cool synthesizer musicians battling each other.

A former President is watching them and even a pulsating ball of pure energy is in the audience!

This is an INSTANT classic!       The commentary also adds a lot to the performance.   ALSO, within the work there are some very interesting titles (and whatnot) given to the commentators and to the performers!

If you enjoy comedy that is a little bit bizarre and DEFINITELY original then I must recommend “Live At The Necropolis: Lords of Synth”

“Xangelix … … is a foool”


DJ ROBO BISCUIT    (stay fluffy)