Clay Thompson (Tennis) 2016

There is a new player on the block!

He is fast.  He is strong.  He has blond hair.  He is Clay Thompson!

Based on his playing style it looks like he likes to go big on his serve and really crash his forehand!

Hard to say if he has the ability to go deep and beat some skilled Pros, in 2014 he lost to Bobby Reynolds but he performed well in Challenger where he had to play against Blaz Rola.

There is no doubt that his ENERGY is a great boost to tennis!  He brings lots of personality to the court with a crazy amount of jumping and fist-pumping and yelling!     I think the fans will love it

Check out these YouTube videos with him playing to see what I’m talking about:


and this one:



Enjoy!   I hope Clay Thompson keeps on winning!    Tennis needs some more Charisma! (Youtube …. Clay Thompson Tennis)



Noodle World — Entry Feb 7.

White male.  Brown Beard.  Brown hair.  He wore a white robe. Sandals.  His face was calm.

The hairy white male scanned the smooth lake surface.   He slowly closed his eyes … … held them closed for 5 seconds and then opened them.    He placed his right foot forward.


On the other side of the lake, their was a pirate.   He was a smelly pirate and he had a beard.   This pirate wore black boots and looked like a smelly pirate.   This pirate enjoyed drinking Rum.  His name was Smelly Alfredo.

Smelly Alfredo looked out towards the lake.    There was a man.    Smelly Alfredo saw this man.

“Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr unbelievable.   He be walking on the water.”   Alfredo slurred his words.

The robed man with a beard was standing in the middle of the lake.  His feet were firmly on the top of the lake surface.   It appeared to be a miracle.

Smelly Alfredo reached into his Pirate Satchel (the official carrying sack of Pirate) and grabbed his Colander (Pasta Strainer).  He placed the pasta device on his head.   The colander infused him with Noodle Strength.    As Smelly Alfredo looked out onto the Lake he could see that the white-bearded-man was being held above the water by a large Noodle.   The Noodle was wrapped around his waist and the Noodley Noodle stretched up into the clouds.

“This man has been blessed by His Noodle.”  Smelly Alfredo removed his colander and went back to sleep to dream Pirate dreams.  “R’amen.”

-End of Entry, (Blasphemy).

Noodle World — New Entry (Feb 5)

I just don’t know man, I am having doubts… …

It seems hard to believe that this Noodle Monster is the creator!!!     I just don’t feel that there is a connection between Pirates and Global warming.     How do people know that it isn’t just a normally occurring phenomena?

Nobody feels weird about this?     They don’t think that it’s odd for us to worship a Noodle Monster???

Wouldn’t it make more sense for our Diety to be … I don’t know … a man?

“Woah man, you are sounding kind of crazy.”

Wouldn’t a powerful god create man in his image?  Why would a Gigantic Spaghetti Monster create human beings?

I know it’s the popular religion …. … but but but maybe there is an alternative?

I may consider seeking out a cult.

“Woah my man, I am a little bit worried about you.”

-End of Entry. (Doubt)

The Life of a Human Cow (For God)

The Beautiful fur covers the body.   Soft.   Fluffy.  White.   You are the enemy of many chickens.

The nearby human places your head onto your body.    ZIP!   ZIP!      The fur is on.     You are not a naked creature!     The pajamas are placed onto your furry body.

“Out to the corner.”  A mysterious voice demands.

The world can only be half-seen.   Light floods in as the back door is open.   Sidewalk Sidewalk.   WALK WALK (cow hoof on the ground, cow hoof on the ground)

The temperature is warm.   STEP STEP STEP.     You stop at your destination.    You are a Bovine Prostitute.

“Dancing Time.”

A homeless man laying on the street turns his head.  He sees a large cow dancing around on the street corner.    Cars are driving by honking.   “Anything for a dollar.”  Homeless Jim slurs his words.

The human creature within the Bovine costume slowly tires.    DANCE DANCE DANCE.   The cars continue their honks.

Sweat drips down into the eyes of the human.   The eyes can not be touched through the blocking apparatus of the COW head.

The sweaty cow-human walks back to home base.

ZIP ZIP.   The Head is removed.    It is a human man.    Into the freezer for you.    ENJOY that cold pepsi.

(This establishment is closed on Sundays)

This sweaty cow-man brings joy to small kids and slight terror to confused dogs.

Praise the Lord!   Jesus loves chicken sandwiches.

“Hey Cow!   Out to the corner!”

My pleasure.


-DJ ROBO BISCUIT (a man who used to be a COW)



Pokemon Red/Blue are Still BadAss (Yes.)

Red and Blue are packed full of Badass-ness.   There is no doubt.

Like that Rival battle theme (the final battle)! YES!   When that theme was playing you were thinking “This is some REAL shit happening right here!”     The music in the Pokemon Mansion — you are thinking “WOAH!  This is kind of techno-y WOAH!    oh shit I just picked up Solarbeam! YES!”

And then there is the Gym Leader Battle Music!   YES!    Orgasmically intense!   Everyone is thinking the same thing: “’bout to get one more badge playa!”     “HA HA HA foolish Erica, I picked Charizard — burn burn burn burn burn GAME OVER!”

And those designs!   Pikachu was a little chubby, and Raichu was a HUGE fatty!  Muk and Weezing looked exactly the way they should!   Mr. Mime was a Pokemon you don’t let near your children (“uh oh I’m about to touch something!”).    In Red/Blue Rhyhorn looked pretty derpy.     Mewtwo was a straight up Alien.   Arbok was HUGE!    Gloom was drooling.   And DRAGONITE just looked strange!    He is supposed to be a total badass, which is why you leveled up that Dratini…. and then he looks ultra derpy!        But DRAGONAIR is looking GOOD!     GENGAR, ALAKAZAM, BLASTOISE, and MACHAMP!   They all look great!

The game has an awesome soundtrack!    There are some game-changing moments.   Like if you catch that Dugtrio in the cave, you just gained an instant strong pokemon that can crush Lt. Surge!      You get the eevee and BOOM!   Flareon or Jolteon!     Once you stumble upon Zapdos in the Power Plant, OMG you can get rid of your electric type and flying type because Zapdos is a BEAST!

The game simply has a high level of “coolness.”   Your rival was tough (and an asshole  [especially for showing up when you get out of Dark Cave WTF?!?!]).    It has a definite sense of adventure and discovery.   AND the Elite Four was HARD!   Their pokemon were all high level and your Rival has a Level 70 Blastoise (big shift from the sequel GOLD where the Elite Four maxes out at 50).   Be SURE to get Ice Beam so you have a chance at beating LANCE (he has that cape).

HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out the original pokemon games.   They are badass and they are CLASSIC!   gotta catch em’ all!


Getting Started with Personal Finance


If you are totally new to the concept of Personal Finance or Financial Literacy, this is a good place to start.

Let’s just say you have 3 basic “levels” (the goal is to make it up to Super Saiyan 3 #Goku #BetterThanVegeta #DragonBallZ)

Many people live paycheck-to-paycheck.  You work all week for two weeks and then you get paid.  POOF!  The money is gone.  It has been spent.    Food, Car, House, significant other, fresh shoes, credit card payment, WHATEVER the money is gone.         You are stuck in a vicious cycle:   Work Work Work – get paid- money is all gone – Work Work Work        and so on and so on    until you are an old person ready to retire with no savings  and it is a PROBLEM.

People who are doing better than P2P (Paycheck-to-Paycheck) are able to save some of their money.      The Paycheck comes in and some of the money is put away into savings.  A lot of times the savings will be spent, possibly on a “nice family vacation” or perhaps on a college fund for the kids (A respectable expense).

If you want to master personal finance you want to get to Super Saiyan 3 level: Your Money Works For You.  The money that you have saved you have invested it.  Or the money that you use, it is involved in a business.   INVEST and/or CREATE PASSIVE INCOME!    Make your money while you sleep or make your money without having to go to work.    Being a Bestselling author is one way to do it.   Another way to do it is to be a YouTube star (see PewDeePie).   or REAL ESTATE!  (Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki).

This should be enough info to get you started.   The internet is full of material and content that educates about Financial Literacy.   A good guy to start will is Dave Ramsey or possibly even Tony Robbins (Famous Self-Help Guru).