Junior Tournaments North Carolina 2017

March 4-5, March Indoor Junior at Barber Park L5 — Greensboro

March 11-12, Holly Springers Junior L5 — Holly Springs

March 18-19, 2017 Raleigh Junior L5 — Raleigh

April 1-2, 2017 RRC Spring Junior L5 — Raleigh


March 11-12 Ebony RC Jr. Spring Fling L4 — Raleigh

April 22-23 Chapel Hill Country Club Jr L4 Championship — Chapel Hill





Naomi Osaka On The Rise

Naomi Osaka is a beast.  Now she is making money!  Osaka signed a deal with WOWOW (I think) and Nissan cup noodles!  Now she is getting that Japanese money!

Here is the full story:



Be on the look out for Naomi Osaka in 2017.  As long as she is healthy she will be winning titles and beating good players!  Here she is playing Misaki Doi :

Amateur Diaries (Part 3)

I was battling my arch-rival Little Johnny.  Sometimes just called Lil’ Johnny.   Lil’ Johnny was not very tall.    He was a grown man but not much taller than a 12 year old boy.   Johnny the Little hit the ball very flat.   And because of his size it was a tricky play.  Since he was not very tall when he launched his flat ball it often did not look like it was going to go over the net however, Lil’ Johnny has been playing his style forever and he was incredibly good at making his low flat ball.

We were battling.

He had a break and I was serving at 1-3 in the first set.   I tossed up my ball and all I could think was “kick, kick, kick” (I really wanted to kick that serve).    Lame.   I hit it in the net. This can be a very frustrating game.

I was preparing to toss up the ball for my second serve.   Then a lovely lady walked by.   She had silky blonde hair and a muscular body.    I double faulted.

“Why do all of these beautiful women show up at my matches?”

She was thin and she was strong.  This girl was beautiful.

I heard her silky voice.  “Let’s go Johnny!”

I couldn’t believe it.  She was pulling for Little Johnny.    Damn.  Maybe he isn’t that little?

I walk back to grab a ball off the fence.   Did I leave the stove on?  Focus.  Focus on playing tennis.

I use topspin and kick my serve in.  Little Johnny steps up and hits it cross-court.  I go for the backhand down-the-line and I miss it wide.  Damn.

“Let’s go Johnny!  Good shot.” The Blonde hair beauty cheers.

Damn.  This is demoralizing.  I’m distracted now and Lil’ Johnny has this super hot chick pulling for him.  This is unbelievable.

My mind wandered to that one girl who liked me in Middle School.  But I kind of ignored her … ….   I wonder if she was super beautiful now?   If I had just stuck with her maybe she would be cheering for me right now.  Damn.  Life.

Lil’ Johnny continued to hit deceptive and tough flat balls.  I continued to be very distracted with my clusterFudge of a mind.

(End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUIT)

Eyes On The Prize, Man’s Demise

“The Boobs were just too much for me!”

That was what I was thinking.  I was playing my match on court 7 and we had some spectators!  Sometimes I was watching the spectators more than they were watching me.

We were having a heated battle on court.   I was playing my arch-rival, Fred.   I REALLY did not want to lose to Fred.  I had a very strong feeling that if Fred were to defeat me he would take a photo and post it to Instagram and then he might also tag me on his Facebook.   I could not let this happen.

He served.  I returned.  He hit his forehand.  I stepped in and really nailed my backhand down-the-line.   Fred let out a lame grunt “ugh!” and Fred missed.   “Nice point ME!”  I say in my head.

A beautiful lady walks by.   She is wearing yoga pants and a blue top.  There is a nice bounce to her.  She has brown hair.   I begin to imagine me and this sexy but unknown woman together.   The ball flies past me.   “ACE!” Yells Fred.        Damnit.  I have lost my focus.

One of the girls watching me as a spectator takes off her jacket.   Her shirt is way too low cut and her nipple is making an appearance.  “Damn this is distracting.”  I think in my head.    Meanwhile the match is occurring but I am totally out of sorts.

I get my head together and get myself back into the match.   I get a little bit hot and begin to win more points.    As I am getting my rhythm a group of ladies walk by.   They are all wearing tennis clothes and had finished their match.   There was a beautiful blonde girl with bouncing hair and short spandex pants.   “Is this my future wife?   Should I play mixed doubles with her?   I wonder if we will have a family together?”   My mind was racing but I had taken my eyes off the prize.    ZING!   The ball flies past me.  “ACE!” yells Fred.

I was truly having a hard time focusing on court.  I just kept on fantasizing about these beautiful women.  It is so hard to focus on balls when you just love boobs so much.

(End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUIT)

Best Tennis String (Red code)

If you need a great tennis string then Technifibre Red Code is the way to go

Red Code 16 or 17 are both good.

It might be called “Code Red” right now

“Technifibre Red Code” it is a great string.   You can  get great spin with it.  It will “BITE” the ball and produce a lot of rotation.

The string also holds the tension well.   You can just keep on using it and the string is stiff.

BUT if you enjoy hitting topspin and you have a fast swing then this is a good string for you.

As somebody who plays often and likes to use heavy topspin I can see for sure that this string is VERY SOLID and will BITE the ball and just overall be a reliable string!

I’m not sure if it is better than “Big Banger” but the string is good.

Technifibre Red Code a.k.a  CODE RED is a great string!

(End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUIT)

ATP Tennis in 2016

It’s going to be a big season.

Be on the look-out for Dominic Thiem and Alex Zverev to do big things.  Both have big games.  Thiem’s ground game is basically explosive with his backhand down-the-line being a cannon.  Zverev being lanky and powerful, his forehand is a monster.

Keep an eye on Borna Coric.  Essentially a Young Djokovic with a Hewitt-like determination.  He will be beating people no doubt.

Hopefully Tiafoe will make some more strides during the year.  America is hungry for him to live up to his hype.

Don’t underestimate Gulbis.  He just might become a “winning machine.”

This could be an excellent year for Kyrgios.  His game is phenomenal: athletic, big serve, big forehand, love the stage.  He needs more winning and less scandal.

Also, hoping that the Harrison brothers and the Ymer brothers can make some moves during the year.

Taylor Fritz!  America is ready for T-Fritz to battle on the world stage!

2016 is getting set up for a big year for tennis with hopefully lots of new faces maturing and going deeper in tournaments!

-DJ RoboBiscuit