Andrew Carnegie (Knowledge)

Andrew Carnegie was one of the original business badasses.

He was a proud Scottish Man.   He had a beard.  He was a philanthropist.

Carnegie is a Rags-To-Riches story.  He started working at a young age and worked his way  up.         He was a master of telegrams and then he moved onto the railroads.

Eventually Carnegie became a Titan of Steel.

He was the first person during that time period to actually use …. SCIENCE when making steel.    During his time you had to rely on basically a “Witch Doctor” to know how to make steel within the steel (ball) machine.    He hired a CHEMIST to analyze the process and components of making steel.  It was revolutionary.

Carnegie is also known for his article “The Gospel of Wealth.”   It states that the wealthy have a duty to use their wealth to help the people of the world.   Crazy right?    That rich people should use their money for GOOD?      It was great.    The wealthy should thank the world for allowing them to earn their fortune.

Basically, Carnegie was the man.  I HIGHLY recommend his autobiography.  ANDREW CARNEGIE!

February 14th, DJ ROBO BISCUIT

Noodle World — Mysterious Entry


The scholar sat in his chair.   He was old and his eyes were deep.  They were the eyes of knowledge and these eyes were a piercing green.

“There was a time when this world was not this way.  People did not flock to the temples of Hubbard.     His Noodle was not The Noodle.    The happenings have been bizarre.”

“What do you mean?”

“Things were different.   The Gods were different and the numbers were bigger.  If you wanted to follow Jesus you didn’t have to do it in secret.   But things changed within this world.   Something happened.”

“But what is it?  What happened?”

“It was the people.  And the Young People.  They rejected the religions.   They thought they had outsmarted it.”


-End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUIT

Show Some Love for Ryan Hemsworth

I wanted to use this post to show some love to Ryan Hemsworth!

His skills are so dope!   If you like electronic music and/or alternative his songs have a beautiful sound.

My Recommendations:

Lorde- Ribs (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Ryan Hemsworth — Cold and Tempted

Ryan Hemsworth – Cream Soda (Tomggg)

Ryan Hemsworth – Gods

Ryan Hemsworth – Overthinking

He is a talented artist with beautiful beats.  Check out his tunes and show some love!


Understanding Pastafarianism

It is a satirical religion.

Founded by Bobby Henderson in order to battle against Creationism and the School Board who was trying to have Creationism taught in the school systems.

I DEMAND EQUAL CLASS TIME!!!!!   If you will teach about your God then I demand time be spent on my GOD, even if it is a Gigantic Flying Spaghetti Monster!

It grew from there.   People gravitate to it as a clever way to battle against Creationism and as a tool for argument.     The burden of proof is for YOU to prove WHY my God does NOT EXIST.

It is similar to the “Russian TeaPot.”   Also similar to the “Invisible Pink Unicorn.”

Also, if you are a Pastafarian then you can wear a Pasta Strainer on your head for your Driver’s License photo as a Religious HeadDress.

Instead of being an Atheist, you can choose to be a Pastafarian.


Noodle World — Unknown Entry





What happened to this orld?    Scholar of Economics and Religion … … … …

The world something was happening … … Orgaized Religion was fading .. Atheism wa rising and self0help was rising up        Pastafarianism and Scientology was able to take charge because it embraced a humorous Athetism and Scienotlogy offered a spirituality that was the path to salvation … … …        the world has shifted …

Introduction to Psychology (and Philosophy)

Some information on Psychology and with some Philosophy mixed in.

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior.   All humans are affected by psychology.     Usually it becomes intertwined with Psychiatry … … which is in regards to mental disorders.

A lot of people think about SIGMUND FREUD.  He is one of the early fathers of the discipline.  He also helped to develop psychoanalysis.   CARL JUNG was also a player with FREUD.       Helping to develop the ideas of the “ID” and the “EGO.”

Freud pushed forward the idea of the “libido.”    How the human sex drive affects the mind.    It’s not too far fetched to produce the claim that Freud just so happened to have sex with some of his older female patients.

Many people find psychology interesting and it leads them to want to understand humans better.  This leads them into the realm of the “Social Sciences.”    Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology, etc are the social sciences that people will move into when seeking to develop deeper thought on these topics (Also, Economics is an applied business form of Sociology … Thank you to Adam Smith).

This allows you to look into History.  An example is “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”  It is a novel that became a famous movie.

Also there is the story of NELLIE BLY, who got herself committed to an Insane Asylum just to be an investigative reporter.   (that is the article)

Then hopefully an interest in topics of humanity will make you think, “Did humans before me cause things to be the way they are?”     The answer:  Yes.        Further inquiry may cause you to debate the idea of Capitalism vs Socialism.      And this will lead you to look at “ADAM SMITH” vs “KARL MARX”

Also, the movies:  “Good Will Hunting” and “A Beautiful Mind” as well as “Fight Club” will push forward an interest in Human Psychology.   (Marx seen below)


Thank you for reading.  DJ ROBO BISCUIT.