ROUGH DRAFT continuation (Descent into Madness)

April 15th

I will soon start my new project. I have decided to keep a journal to track developments on this. My boss has tasked me with doing a piece on a nearby cult. We really know very little about them. There are rumors that previous journalists have failed to learn anything. I find it very odd.

April 18th

I have tracked down what I think is their headquarters. I have been asking around town about where to find these cultists. The people are very cagey about telling me details. An old man tipped me off to their location but he told me to “Go at my own peril.”

I have talked to Cassandra some. She is worried about the project. I told her not to worry, these cult people might be kind of misguided but they are not dangerous. I will still be careful.

April 19th

People in the area have heard rumors. They say people disappear at this place. And sometimes people don’t leave the compound for days on end. A local told me the cultists were called “The Bleeding Hearts.” He said it was just a name he had heard from a different guy.

April 22nd 

Today I made contact with The Bleeding Hearts.  I simply knocked on their front door.  He was a big guy named Rocco.  He did not want to talk there, we went to a local coffee shop to chat.  I told him I was doing a piece on their organization and he seemed to not mind.  I let him know they had a reputation for being a cult.  He told me that “People on the outside never really understand us.”   He said people were not being brainwashed or held against their will.  I asked him who or what they worshipped.  He told me they paid respects to the “Old Gods.”  He said they were ancient cosmic beings with vast powers.  He had this really intense look in his eye.  Rocco invited me to come by and visit the compound in a few days so I could meet others who were there.

April 24th

Reported back to boss today.  I told him I was getting a good vibe from this Rocco guy.  My boss said I need to “watch my back” and that the cult was dangerous.  He said people had disappeared before.   I will have to heed his warning.  I am going to the compound tomorrow.


(To be continued)