Competing Review: JOY (Jennifer Lawrence)

Joy was an excellent film.

What it truly does highlight is how the VERY ambitious JOY must struggle against her own family and her own “circle” in order to become successful.

Joy is almost a representation of ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand.   They key character – Joy – is a powerhouse.  Her mind is full of ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.   However, she has been burdened with a family of parasites who drain her.

As the movie is occurring, one truly does fell sympathy and support for JOY because there are so many forces working against her and she can not seem to get a positive break!

I would recommend the movie to anyone who has ever had an idea about making a business or people who like to support others who are in a troubling situation.

Thank you.  STAY FLUFFY


The Working Poor (Poverty In America)


In one respect, Ann was typical of the low-wage working people I spoke with across the country – in New Hampshire towns, North Carolina fields, and Los Angeles Housing Projects.  They were white and black, Latino and Asian, native-born and newly arrived in America, and they were not gripped by rage.  Ann did not point a finger of blame.  She did not make sweeping criticisms of society at large.  “I got myself into this, I made the choices,” she said plainly.  “In spite of the fact that the credit card companies are taking advantage of people, that they’re really awful in charging such awful interest rates, I made the choice of using them.  I haven’t used them in a couple of years.  And plus I can’t answer the phone.”  She did not answer the phone because she hated to hear the bill collectors.  “They have all kinds of tones of voices,” she said.  They left alarming messages on the answering machine, like, “Call this number immediately.”

Always when she talked this way she then apologized for “complaining.”  But I was an instigator in her complaints, I suppose, for I kept asking questions.  What does this feel like?  What do you think about?  How foreign does the zone along the edge of poverty seems to someone who grew up in middle-class comfort?  “Nobody really wants to know that sometimes $2 is a significant amount, and $25 always is tremendous,” she said, as if this condition still amazed her as well.  “Tell me it’s not true for ordinary, everyday people.  Is it the same?  I mean, normal life” — she gave a despairing laugh — “before life was like this.  I can’t remember.  I can’t remember what it was like.  I mean, every day and every night when I’m trying to fall asleep, there’s this worry hanging.  Is the car gonna make it through because I haven’t maintained it properly?  How am I gonna get this?  I know I have to do this.  How am I gonna get it done?  How am I gonna stretch to get these bills paid?  If one extra thing happens — .”       – Excerpt from The Working Poor Invisible in America by David K Shipler

The Comedy (Part 2)

The Comedy is not so funny.

It is a movie that makes you think.   The film is a Rick Alverson production.

The movie explores the world through the character Swanson.  He is an aging Brooklyn hipster who has trust fund money.

As the movie progresses he puts himself in more and more risky situations.

The film is trying to explore what life is like when you are a person whose life is a sarcastic life and one that is full of irony.   The questions of “Who Am I?” “What should I do with myself?”

As you watch it, it does make you ponder what life is like for a ThirtyIsh year old Trust Fund kid who does not have ambition to capitalize on their good fortune.


Wisecrack and Philosophy

Philosophy is coming back!

Rick and Morty explores some interesting existential issues as well as revealing some super awesome Deep Space Science Fiction.  (Cosmic Horror)

Enjoy the Video:



Wisecrack also does a really nice job with FallOut.    DEATH is a preferable alternative to COMMUNISM!     Also, they discuss Herbert Marcuse as well as Politics!


One more, DJ ROBO BISCUIT enjoys reading philosophy.  A nice book is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (Objectivism)  If you don’t want to read the 700 page book, then you can enjoy this episode of Thug Notes:


I am not endorsed by Wisecrack.  I just enjoy their content!


Noodle World (Cereal)(March 20)

John Every walked through the supermarket.

He reached the breakfast section.     His eyes stopped on a cereal box with a picture of the Holy being itself, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, on the cover.    The Noodle Diety had many noodles touching chocolate balls on the cover (these balls were in a bowl of milk).

John read the name, “Noodle-O’s.”   He then read the slogan at the bottom, “All touched by His Noodle.”

John shook his head.

John Every looked around the breakfast section.  It appeared that almost all of the cereal boxes had a Noodle Monster on it.     Except for one solitary box in the corner … … …

-End of Entry (Cereal)

Politics (What is the Point?)

Why do republicans favor the rich?   Why should I care about Politics?

POLITICS is about power and the corruption of man (humankind).

Democracy creates a platform for corruption because decisions and policy are controlled by “votes” and essentially controlled by “men in power.” (it can also be women)

Humans have desires: Money, Power, Sex, Self-Preservation.

A Congressman or US Senator is SUPPOSED to make decisions in the interest of the “public” or the “people” or the “public good.”  HOWEVER, with politics you often have to “Follow the Money” and if you do this you can find the “Smoking Gun”

An Example: President Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal

When watching things like “Batman” and “Superman” or “Star Wars” the wonderful beauty of what you are watching is that you are seeing GOOD triumph over EVIL.   A good way to get understanding is to look for corruption – “The Justice Lords” or “Lex Luthor as President” or “Senator Palpatine becoming Galactic Emperor.”

The Corruption of Man involves large themes: Greed, Ambition, and a desire for Power (sometimes it can also be lust)

Various shows deal with these issues: in the television show “Naruto,” Naruto’s rival, Sasuke Uchiha, has a burning desire to take revenge and kill his older brother (Itachi).  He decides that he must become stronger and he goes to Orochimaru (who is evil and depicted as a “Snake Ninja”) because he seeks power and he thinks Orochimaru can make him strong.

In Avatar The Last Airbender, The Avatar AANG must self-actualize so that he can defeat Firelord Ozai.  Ozai has declared war on the world and he seeks to spread the Fire Nation across the planet as “his world” is superior and they are the “greatest of the four nations.” (cough cough Hitler cough cough)

Power is a common theme.  It is often used in the show Justice League Unlimited.  On Earth, humans are worried that the Justice League will use their Satellite Laser to attack Earth and the humans are scared that Superman (and the League) will become power hungry and take over the planet.  In one episode, the military creates their own “heroes” and also use “Captain Adam” to attack the Justice League.  Often humankind subscribes to fear.  They are afraid of things like “losing control.”  FOX news is a news channel that focuses on SENSATIONALISM.  They want to “stir the pot.”  They don’t really tell the news, they simply push their bias:  Down with the Democrats, UP with the Republicans.

A better way to grasp politics is to align yourself as Neutral so that you can look at things OBJECTIVELY without BIAS.

A good way to examine it is through the use of Comedy … … many comedians are satirists and they simply try to “see it as it is.”

Stephen Colbert on “The Colbert Report” often provided good insight despite his character being “an idiot.”

John Stewart on “The Daily Show” often provided piercing insight.

The KEY is to ASK QUESTIONS!  “Why is it like this?”  “Why does this other thing not happen?”

Recommended reading: “1984” and “Brave New World”


Humans and families need money.  So do man-made systems.

A government is not a business so it does not produce profits.  It earns money by TAXING the people.    (This is a deep issue and basically you could spend a lifetime examining this using a PHD in Political Science)

Politicians are BOUGHT and PAID FOR.

The Rich have “interests” and they have things that they “want to happen” so … the money starts flowing.

The KOCH BROTHERS are extremely rich so their money floods the system and they try to push their “agenda.”

Wikipedia Investigation Needed  — The Koch Brothers, The Justice Lords, The Watergate Scandal, Human Nature, Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky, Ayn Rand, Machiavelli

With Politics — The Topic is complex.

You have to look at Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Economics, and Satire to gain a “well rounded” grasp of the implications and the happenings.

In 2016, a big part of the Presidential Race is:   — That Donald Trump is self-funded (not “in the pocket”) and — Bernie Sanders only takes small donations

The whole point being that they are not paid for by big money and Super PACs, meaning they speak their own views instead of the views of the money that is backing them

To Deeply Understand Politics …

You MUST ask questions!

You MUST try to seek out answers.

You MUST try to examine the issues without bias.  Try to see what happened and how EVERYONE was impacted.

In America, the two party system forms bias because you have to align with either party … … However, if you choose to be an INDEPENDENT you can try to examine the issues with empathy and logic.

A great philosopher once said that the best ruler would be a “Philosopher King.”  That was definitely not George W. Bush.

Learning Economics (And Philosophy)

There was a place where the people could make choices.  Some chose to utilize the brains and their bodies, and these people were rewarded.  There were people who were lazy with their minds and worked only with their bodies; these people were rewarded less.  Some of them labored only with their minds and some labored only with their bodies; more rewards were dispensed to the “mind-laborers.”

There is a different place where people worked in a variety of ways but they were all rewarded in the same way.  There were some who worked hard by choice and some who were lazy and it managed to balance out, the results were enough for success and overall the people were happy.   The hardest workers were intrinsically motivated and worked hard by choice, and the people at the bottom were happy to have the hard workers pull twice the weight.

In the First Place, the place of incentives.  There were some people who thought there was some unfairness and there was too much suffering at the bottom.  There was a demand for an equalization.   The hard workers continued to work hard and the lazy people stopped working (in this land everybody wanted Bananas), after the time of labor, all people were able to get 5 Bananas (each).   Based on the equal compensation, the hard workers lost an incentive (a drive, a purpose, a reason) and they worked less hard … … the next time around people only received 3 Bananas each.  The hard workers lost some of their motivation and the lazy people continued to do nothing … … After the time of working, there were only enough Bananas created for there to be 1 Banana per person.  The lack of incentive created a race to the Bottom.


If the above paragraphs seem interesting then you will have an interest in Economics (and politics and philosophy).  This kind of talk will lead in the direction of CAPITALISM VS SOCIALISM.             And it may lead you in the direction of AYN RAND who is famous for her work “Atlas Shrugged.” (Who is John Galt?)

You have Adam Smith, he believed in the “Invisible Hand” of Capitalism and Laissez-faire economics (hands off).

There is also Karl Marx.  He fought for the workers in the factories.

Once you begin to study Economics in the realm of Marx vs Rand, you will notice that the debate continues within the world and the media.    Should there be welfare?  Should we tax the rich?  Who creates the jobs?    Should we redistribute the capital?

February 16th, DJ ROBO BISCUIT