An Opinion on Pokemon Red and Blue (Gen 1)

The game is a good game because there is some difficulty and you need to keep on leveling up your pokemon.

However, the game can become too easy if you use overpowered Pokemon.   For example: Charizard and Blastoise are strong, being able to use Flamethrower or teaching Blastoise Ice Beam and Surf make the game relatively easy.

Also, catching Snorlax and then using him makes the game easy as well because Snorlax has great HP stats and attack power.

Also, catching Zapdos at the Power Plant then makes the game very easy as you can teach Zapdos ThunderBolt and Fly, which makes it Overpowered.

Also, if you decide to get a Gyrados early on then the game becomes easy due to Gyrados having such a high attack stat.


The game truly has a challenge to it when you choose to use Pokemon that are less strong, pokemon who are not really “game winners” like a Blastoise-Zapdos combination.



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2 thoughts on “An Opinion on Pokemon Red and Blue (Gen 1)”

  1. So, would you say that these two strong characters can actually make the game more challenging, if you don’t use them? Do you think it was by design?

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    1. Thank you Alex Canup! I mean I think it is well known that Charizard and Blastoise are very strong. And the introduction of Zapdos is clearly OP since Zapdos can use the strongest electric moves and flying moves. I think the whole point of certain pokemon like Zapdos and Snorlax was to make the game easier for the player. The game is more challenging if you don’t use them for sure. BUT based on what TM’s you choose to use with certain mid-tier Pokemon, you can stilll effectively move through the game. -Biscuit


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