UnNamed Dave Part 2 January 25th

Dave was doing his job and working.  He was enjoying his time responding to incoming emails where his customers told him they needed a week or they needed 4 weeks to decide on the product.   At 9:15AM all of the managers had to attend a meeting.  Dave does not know what transpires in the meeting of the managers.  But Dave would have to guess the meeting of managers involves the Director of Sales looking at them and telling them to “get their Shiz together and that they need a sale or else.”    It is of no surprise to Dave that when his manager returns in a stomping fashion there is a quick team meeting called.

The manager looks pissed.

“Dave, we gotta pick it up.  You have been here for one hour and 15 minutes and you only have 10 calls.  We need more.”

The manager looks at the reps.

“Guys, make the fudging calls.”

Dave is slightly distressed.  He thought the goal was to make sales, not to simply make a certain number of phone calls.  Was the goal to hit a certain call number?

The manager and the Director seemed to be focused on the achieving of a metric as opposed to encouraging individual reps to find and get sales.

The Breakdown of values.


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