November 8, 2016

“BLOBulous?” The man asked the orange blob.

“Yes.  That is my name.”  The masculine sounding Blob spoke.

The blob continued, “What brings you to this land human?”

“I am on a quest.”

“A quest you say?”

“Yes.  I have been sent by Andromis.”  The man spoke.

“You are a fool!”  The blob yelled.


“Andromis can not be trusted.  He is Andromis the Deceiver.”

“I don’t understand.”  The man spoke.

“Follow me, human.”   The orange blob (BLOBulous) began to slither through the field.    The man with the mechanical arm followed him.

They moved.  The Blob moved off the path and towards the woods.

“Do not fear these woods.  You will be safe.”  The blob said.

They moved deeper into the woods


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