Returning Forever (LL Bean)

Many people probably do not know this: but at L.L.Bean you can return your stuff forever!  They have a lifetime guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you have a pair of boots that you have worn for 15 years and the boots are now destroyed you can return them to L.L.Bean and you can get all of your money back.    Were you dissatisfied?  That is up for interpretation.

They won’t give you cash but they will give you store credit.

No matter what is brought back, the customer service team is supposed to NOT pass judgement and accept the items.

I found the story on NPR, This American Life.  Enjoy.  It is in the podcast after the section about Donations to the Republican party.


Zero to Winning: Getting Started with Tennis

Tennis can be hard at first.  But with focus you can go from Zero to Winning in 4 months.

The 4 months number will fluctuate based on how frequently you play and how much intensity you play with.

The first thing to learn is forehand and backhand.   Repetition will be key.  Step one:  Focus on making contact right in the middle of the strings.       Step two:  Follow Through.  Be sure the racquet hits the ball and swings through over the shoulder for a full follow through.  This will help with the development of topspin!

Backhand.  Two hands on the racquet.  Lay the racquet back and drive out to the ball catching the ball in front and then following through.

You need to fell comfortable on both sides, hitting the ball in front of the body (Don’t want to make contact too late).   Once you feel like you are able to hit the ball with the forehand and backhand, then you must learn how to hit the ball on the move.   It really isn’t much different, it just requires better timing.     You want to build that skill gradually by throwing the ball and further and further away and hitting the ball and then recovering back to the middle of the court.

Then you need to learn how to serve.  A good toss will be crucial.  Be sure the ball is on the fingertips (not the palm) because you don’t want the ball to roll.  Place the ball up for serving and then swing and try to catch the ball at its highest point.   If you are right-handed then you want to swing through and let your racquet fall down to your left hip pocket.

Consistency is key.   You will need to be able to make 4 or 5 serves in a row so you have some muscle memory.     Also, you need to be able to make 2 or 3 shots in a row with forehand and backhand.

If you can serve the ball in play and you can hit your groundstrokes then you are basically ready to get started!

As you continue to play you can keep on building your skills, like your volley and your transition game.  BUT there are many people who are playing tennis that have not developed the consistency and the “SolidNess” to be strong during a match.     Learn to turn yourself into a “wall” early on and that will create more success for you.

-DJ ROBO BISCUIT, November 12 2016

November 8, 2016

“BLOBulous?” The man asked the orange blob.

“Yes.  That is my name.”  The masculine sounding Blob spoke.

The blob continued, “What brings you to this land human?”

“I am on a quest.”

“A quest you say?”

“Yes.  I have been sent by Andromis.”  The man spoke.

“You are a fool!”  The blob yelled.


“Andromis can not be trusted.  He is Andromis the Deceiver.”

“I don’t understand.”  The man spoke.

“Follow me, human.”   The orange blob (BLOBulous) began to slither through the field.    The man with the mechanical arm followed him.

They moved.  The Blob moved off the path and towards the woods.

“Do not fear these woods.  You will be safe.”  The blob said.

They moved deeper into the woods


November 3rd, 2016

The man walked on.  He had left the land behind him.   He continued on the path.


He heard a tear as he walked.  He looked to his right and he noticed there was a rift in time.  The portal stood floating in the air revealing stars and space.

“I guess this begins my adventure.”

The man walked to the portal and stepped forward.   The portal squeezed him and he flew into it and through it.

He landed with his feet on the ground.   The ground had green grass.   The world he was in seemed the same as the world he had left.  He could breath the air.  The man stared at his right arm but it was still mechanical.

“HEY YOU!”  A voice yelled.

The man turned.   There before him was an orange blob.

“Who said that?”  The man asked.

“It is Me!  I am BLOBulous.”  The orange blob spoke.  The blob had a masculine voice.


(End of Entry, November 3rd 2016)

November 2nd, 2016

The man continued his journey.

He walked into the horizon.

“I don’t know who I am.”  The man thought.  “But I must have a past.”

The man continued his walk towards the horizon.   He passed a sign.


“Andromeda?”  The man spoke.

He continued walking.  He was on a path of gravel and there was grass on his left-and-right.

The man looked down at his mechanical arm.  He opened and closed the hand.   He wondered if the arm was strong or weak.

The man took one more forward step and he paused.

“I am being watched.”

His senses had kicked in and he could feel there were eyes on him.

A beam of light burst down from the sky.   It made a PEW sound. (With a BUZZ too)

Within the light floated a dagger and a small pouch.

A voice boomed down from the Heavens.

“You are leaving my land.  It will be dangerous.   This dagger shall provide you with safety and protection.   The pouch has an item for you.   Now it is empty.  But, in your time of need it will have what you desire most.”

The man reached into the beam of light and grabbed the items.  He placed the dagger onto his belt and he attached the small pouch to his belt as well.

“It’s good that my belt was designed to hold these things.”

The man walked on.

As he continued his walk he approached a sign.


“I have found the border.”  The man said.

He continued walking and crossed the border.   The landscape looked the same but he knew he had left behind the land of Andromeda and was in uncharted territory.

The man spoke.  “I hope I can find these 4 pieces.”

(End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUIT) November 2nd, 2016

November 1st, 2016

The man awoke from his slumber.

The man was confused and he could not recall how it was that he arrived at that spot.  He opened his eyes and his head was throbbing.  His memory seemed foggy.

He looked up to his left and he saw a large tower plunging upwards into the clouds.  The outsides walls were a cream color.  It moved up and up and up into the clouds and he could not see the top.

He could not feel his right arm.  He turned and stared.  He was stunned.   His right arm was mechanical!  He lifted his flesh-elbow to examine the mechanical forearm and hand.  They were robotic indeed and lacked feeling.  He could see the movement but it could not be felt.

The man wondered “How did I get here? And what happened to my arm?”

A large voice boomed out of the sky.   “You have been cast down!”    “This tower olds the secrets you desire.   Upon reaching the top you will have your questions answered.”   The voice was masculine and powerful.

“Who are you?”  The man asked.

“Andromis.  I am the ruler of this land.”  The voice boomed out.

“I don’t know who you are.” The man said.

“You once did!   But you have been cast down!”

“Has my memory been altered?”  The man asked.

“It has indeed.  But I have the answers you seek.  Once your mission is complete you may return to the pinnacle of this tower and take back the knowledge you once had.”  Andromis boomed from above.

“I don’t understand.  What mission?”  Asked the man.

Andromis did not respond.   But a beam of light came down from the sky and landed on grass near the man.   There was a parchment caught in the light.

His legs still worked.  And his left arm still worked.  It appeared that only his right arm had been altered into a machine arm.   The man moved towards the light.    He grabbed the parchment and read.

The top of the tower is what you seek.  But now you are a man of the meek.   A key is what you shall gather.    The 4 pieces you shall search for.   They are scattered.   Be weary of those you meet along the way.   Some will suppress and some shall thrive.   Each piece of the key has my Alpha.    Good luck on your journey.

Upon reading the parchment and disintegrated into dust.

“4 pieces?”

The man turned towards the open horizon and walked.  He began his walk in search of the 4 pieces.

(End of Entry, DJ ROBO BISCUIT)