POOTie Tang

Pootie Tang was a Blaxploitation film made by Louis CK. It features “Jive talk” and thick accents.  It is a comedy with mostly black people.  Tang fights with his belt.   Some might find it funny and some might find it offensive.  It was not a very successful film by Louis CK.  Here is a clip:


Thank you Louis CK. and Thank you Chris Rock.

(DJ ROBO BISCUIT, stay fluffy)



One Punch Man is a hero for fun.

He defeats his opponents in one punch.

he has a very powerful move: “Consecutive Normal Punches”

He fights powerful villains

He truly wants to earn respect.



This last one is really really good.   ENJOY


I hope you enjoyed One Punch Man.   He is a mighty hero!

Thank you.   Sincerely, DJ ROBO BISCUIT.  stay fluffy.

Jared Donaldson (American Young Gun)

He is from Newport Rhode Island.

He trains with Taylor and Phil Dent.

He has a big forehand.   And he spent time developing his game in Argentina!

Here you can check out some of his other matches, even one when he was a freshman:


Here is against Monfils:


Here is a young Donaldson:


Plenty of Jared Donaldson!    His reputation has no doubt risen up.


Kurt Vonnegut (His Stories and Mind)

Vonnegut is most famous for “Slaughterhouse Five”

Slaughterhouse Five is what launched him into Fame.

In the opinion of DJ ROBO BISCUIT, “Cat’s Cradle” was a superior novel (and much funnier)

He is noted for his writing being cynical.    And he is a user of “Black humor.”

Vonnegut also wrote “Harrison Bergeron” a nice dystopian short-story.

The Profits Of Religion

I recommend a story

it is called “The Profits of Religion” by Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair also wrote “The Jungle” and he wrote “Oil!” which was inspiration for THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

Upton Sinclair had many things to say and wrote many books.   If you have been suspicious about religion then I think THE PROFITS OF RELIGION by Upton Sinclair would be great for you.