More Crazy Dani and Nikolay Davydenko

Crazy Dani.  Daniel Koellerer.  He fought hard on the court.  He battled for his wins.  He insulted his opponents.

Koellerer called Julio Silva a “monkey” and told him to “go back to the jungle”  (kind of a low blow and a weird blow)

He was choked by Stefan Koubek because he was insulting Koubek.  Koubek w0uld not stand for it.   Perhaps Crazy Dani was just happy to get the win.

He was BANNED for life due to match fixing.

When he won a challenger title he dedicated the title to his mother.  He said she would be proud.   Would she be proud of all of his behavior?     It is not terrible that he wins tennis matches but COME ON is it necessary to insult your opponents and act like a wild man on the court?


There is also Davydenko.  The Wiry Russian.  Nikolay Davydenko first of all was a great player.  He had an amazing skill.  He was like Agassi.  He was very good off the forehand and backhand and he could hit hard and deep penetrating groundstrokes. He has had big wins in his career.  Sometimes he had a hard time closing out matches.  BUT this guy was a very talented ball striker.

There was a one year match fixing investigation launched against Davydenko.  Russians had bet millions of dollars on some of his losses.    (you can read further about it on Wikipedia)   Also, he lost in some matches where the umpire told Davydenko to give his best effort.   I think personally that it is sad that Nikolay kind of “lost it” near the end of his career.  He had this amazing tennis game but he got sucked into this match fixing stuff and then he stopped “bringing the goods.”  He was a beast but I think he lost his motivation near the end of his career.

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