Winning Ugly (Brad Gilbert)

Brad Gilbert is an expert coach.  He has coached Andre Agassi.  He has coached Andy Roddick.  And he has coached Andy Murray.  He has the knowledge and he has the experience.

When it comes to tennis strategy, Brad is the King.  He is able to take tennis and boil it down to its most basic elements.

The key to success within the game is to play your strength to your opponent’s weakness.  For some, that may be taking the Big Forehand (you) into the weak backhand (your opponent).    The whole idea is that one must Use Their Brain on the tennis court.

Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert is an enjoyable read.  Brad is good at making things simple.  Maybe he will write something like “This guy was playing great tennis and I knew he could be a tough competitor.”   He would then follow that up by saying “He is just another guy trying to take money out of my kids college fund.”

Brad is cunning too.   One time on television they asked Brad what he told Andre Agassi to get his service toss up higher and Brad said “Toss the Salad!”

When it comes to tennis analysis and match tactics, Brad is a genius.

The critique many people have of him is that he talks too much.  He is basically just non-stop talking.  The man has got many thoughts.

I have read his book and Winning Ugly had a HUGE positive impact on my tennis game.  The tactics allowed me to start winning more often and playing smarter tennis.


(Andre Agassi and Brad Gilbert)


Also, Brad gives a talk at Google.  You can look it up on Google.  “Brad Gilbert Winning Ugly at Google.”

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