The Leader (August 4th) (He leads People)

“I have an announcement.”

The people were excited.   “Oh boy an announcement!”

“I have decided on an important decision using my decisiveness.”   The leader said.

A man in the audience stared with fervent passion.  “Of course great leader!”

The leader continued.  “All marriages are now dissolved.   They are no more.   If you have joined us as a married couple, then you are no longer married.  It is done.”

“YES GREAT LEADER!”  People shouted.

One man named George had a frown on his face.  He did not look happy about this news.

The Leader continued.  “And now I have a new announcement.   As of this moment I am the only husband.  All women who were married and then single are now married to me.   Welcome to the marriage!”

“YES GREAT LEADER!”   One woman yelled out.

Another lady in the crowd named Carina did not look happy at this announcement.

The leader looked on at his followers.  “I look forward to the official and gigantic consummation.”

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