Learning and Knowledge (August 31)

More information about cool stuff

  1. Indie Game : The Movie … Nice movie and cool and opens up the world of Indie Games


2. Spinoza is interesting. Very Secular.  Enjoy The “School of Life”


3. Herbert Marcuse and the One Dimensional Man.  He was a great thinker of the 1960s and  1970s.   He was a philosopher and a sociologist.


4. Alexis de Tocqueville … “Democracy in America”




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Expanding Knowledge (August 31st)

Are you ready to learn?

1.  Richard Nixon, very good documentary using his Nixon Tapes, pretty interesting language


2. Noam Chomsky.  He is a free thinker. And a Political Dissident.  He is a great resource to stimulate the mind.   He was inspired a lot by John Dewey.


3. Ryan Holiday is a nice source of knowledge.  Ryan reads often and he is successful.  He is kind of self-made.   He is also a proponent of STOIC philosophy.


I think this stuff will be somewhat thought provoking and provide good insight.

(DJ ROBO BISCUIT, Stay Fluffy)

The Chilean Bomber GONZO

Fernando Gonzalez otherwise known as GONZO otherwise known as THE FIESTY CHILEAN (Brad Gilbert said) otherwise known as The Bomber otherwise known as El Bombardero de La Reina and “Stone Hand”

Fernando was known for having one of the hardest forehands on tour.

During his career he entered his PRIME from 2007 to 2010.   Those were his winning years.

He played his best in the 2007 Australian Open where he reached  the final and was being coached by Larry Stefanki.    Fernando was playing smart, he would use a big slice serve to pull his opponent out wide and he would follow it up by hitting a BIG FOREHAND to the open court.   Another strategy he would use is to just SLICE SLICE SLICE his backhand and wait for his opportunity to hit a BIG FOREHAND.  He could also surprise his opponent by hitting his one-handed backhand HARD AND FLAT.

Federer said he did not think anybody hit the forehand as hard as Fernando.

When Gonzo “pulled the trigger” on his forehand it was a bullet.    Just as big (if not bigger) as the Del Potro forehand.

He also, played a really good match against Andy Roddick at the Australian Open in 2010.  It is called the “Roddick Gonzalez Super Shots”


The Sexiest Woman Alive (Anna)

Anna Kournikova.  The Russian beauty.   She had worldwide fame.

She debuted at the US Open at the age of 15 in 1996.  The world noticed her beauty.

Throughout her tennis career, she was OFTEN more famous for her beauty and good looks as opposed to her tennis game.

Nick Bolletieri said that Anna never developed a “killer weapon.”   Nick has expressed concerns that she turned pro too quickly without developing a firm foundation for her game.

She had a sexy campaign for shock absorber bras: “Only the Ball Should Bounce” (Anna Kournikova just wearing a sports bra.

She became a sex symbol.  The world knew she was good looking and the world also knew she was not that good at winning singles matches.   There is some lingo in poker created by Vince Van Patten for a play called the “Anna Kournikova” to which he want on to say … “Looks great but never wins.”

She DID sign a management deal at age 10 to go and train with Nick Bollettieri.  So she was good as a kid.  Of course, she was not a bad looking kid either.

She was a skilled doubles player and she played well with Martina Hingis.  They called themselves the “Spice Girls” of Tennis.

Kournikova is somewhat infamous (similar to Sharapova) for making more money from her modeling than her tennis.  But that is business.  I am sure she is laughing all the way to the bank!

Many people have said that she was good for Women’s Tennis.   When Anna was playing she definitely boosted the ratings.  Men were happy to watch her on television.


Now Kournikova is a celebrity forever.   She has a nice thing going on with Enrique Iglesias.   She can EASILY make more money if she plays in like World Team Tennis or just agrees to do exhibitions.   She could probably make tons of money just with a “sexy” Instagram or a YouTube channel.    She did some good for Sports Illustrated as well (I think with the Calendar).


P.S.  If you enjoy tennis stories, go on Youtube and check out David Foster Wallace with his story “How Tracy Austin Broke My Heart”       (DFW Rest In Peace)

The Most Hated Man in Tennis – Rios

Marcelo Rios, The Most Hated Man in Tennis


A very very talented left handed player

Nick Bolletieri once said he thought that Marcelo Rios was one of the most talented players he had ever worked with.

Some say that Rios was kind of an A$$Hole.

Monica Seles claimed that they were in line for food together and he told her to “move her fat ass.”   Which I believe he said in Spanish.

Rios became the #1 player in the world.   He held onto the ranking for 4 weeks.

One time Rios said “$uck You” to a Chair Umpire.  He was disqualified from that tournament.

Famous for mooning some reporters.    He also fired Larry Stefanki his coach; after achieving the #1 ranking and he claimed he “wanted to go in a different direction.”

Rios has a daughter which some people think make him maybe a TINY bit happy.  He was often noted for being pissed or looking unhappy.  It was tough to earn a smile from him but some claim he MIGHT have smiled when his daughter was born.

Here he is playing Agassi.  This is when he was at his prime.


He was described as Machiavellian.

Came from the South.  Not a lot of Education.  Schmoozed and worked his way up.  A real politics man.

DJ ROBO BISCUIT watched this nice documentary about THE BOOGIE MAN himself Lee Atwater.   People described him as being like a Marsupial in appearance.

One of his greatest regrets was the comment about “Jumper Cables.”  One of his political opponents had to get convulsive shock therapy as a kid.

People described Atwater as ahead of his time and he knew that “Perception was Reality.”

He was a more sophisticated version of Donald Trump (FAR more sophisticated).  He was in politics to win.   Even people who were around him admitted that he played “dirty politics” but you hired a guy like Lee Atwater because you were playing to win.  You don’t have a guy like Lee Atwater on your team to get second place.

During his time, he was instrumental to the Bush family.   Senior and Junior; HW and W.   He was a master at “spinning” and shifting the focus towards something else.  He was a mudslinger.

The story of Lee Atwater is interesting and tragic.  He was successful but a little bit evil.  Near the end of his life he tried to apologize and repent.

I recommend the documentary, LEE ATWATER THE BOOGIE MAN

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The Magician (Fabrice Santoro)

He was The Magician.

He gave hope to Club players and hackers everywhere.

Santoro had a very crafty game.  He utilized much slice.   He had a two-handed forehand slice and a powerful tw0-handed backhand.

The talented frenchman had a long career.  He played many many #1 players.    Marat Safin famously said about Santoro:  “Seeing your name next to his in the draw was like being told you are about to die.”


Laver And The President

The story goes.

That Jerry Weintraub (The Talent Agent) (Agent for Elvis Presley) challenged President George H W Bush to a tennis match.

They were friends and they enjoyed playing each other.

The President said they would play doubles and he could pick his partner.

On the day of the match when everyone showed up.   President Bush chose the local club pro for his doubles partner.   And Jerry Weintraub brought Rod Laver!      President Bush was excited and wanted Laver to play with him but Jerry stopped him and said “Mr President we had a deal and I picked my partner.”

So of course, they played.   Weintraub and Laver won the match.

(When I Stop Talking you’ll Know I Am Dead, Jerry Weintraub)


Charles Salvador Bronson

This man is also Crazy.   Based on my research he has some craziness within him.

Charles “Salvador” Bronson has been in prison for a long time.   He even has a movie about him titled “Bronson.”      He now apparently does paintings which he has won awards for (???).    He has gained fame by being one of the most violent British criminals in the history of history (History of Planet Earth, In the Milky Way Galaxy).

He also has a cool mustache.


If you want to work out.  He has written a book about working out.  The book is called “Solitary Fitness.”  He has spent A LOT of time in Solitary Confinement.  It has given him difficulty in interacting with people.

Do not “waste money on gym fees” just use nature and your environment to work out.

When he works out he does 1,000 Press-ups in an hour and he takes a two hour break and then he does 1,000 more Press-ups.  Pretty Crazy.

Here is another article about him:


More Crazy Dani and Nikolay Davydenko

Crazy Dani.  Daniel Koellerer.  He fought hard on the court.  He battled for his wins.  He insulted his opponents.

Koellerer called Julio Silva a “monkey” and told him to “go back to the jungle”  (kind of a low blow and a weird blow)

He was choked by Stefan Koubek because he was insulting Koubek.  Koubek w0uld not stand for it.   Perhaps Crazy Dani was just happy to get the win.

He was BANNED for life due to match fixing.

When he won a challenger title he dedicated the title to his mother.  He said she would be proud.   Would she be proud of all of his behavior?     It is not terrible that he wins tennis matches but COME ON is it necessary to insult your opponents and act like a wild man on the court?


There is also Davydenko.  The Wiry Russian.  Nikolay Davydenko first of all was a great player.  He had an amazing skill.  He was like Agassi.  He was very good off the forehand and backhand and he could hit hard and deep penetrating groundstrokes. He has had big wins in his career.  Sometimes he had a hard time closing out matches.  BUT this guy was a very talented ball striker.

There was a one year match fixing investigation launched against Davydenko.  Russians had bet millions of dollars on some of his losses.    (you can read further about it on Wikipedia)   Also, he lost in some matches where the umpire told Davydenko to give his best effort.   I think personally that it is sad that Nikolay kind of “lost it” near the end of his career.  He had this amazing tennis game but he got sucked into this match fixing stuff and then he stopped “bringing the goods.”  He was a beast but I think he lost his motivation near the end of his career.

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