Live At The Necropolis: Lords of Synth


This is a great piece from Adult Swim.     XANGELIX!   WENDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a shout out to electronic music in the 80’s (I think).   This awesome 10 minute piece has some very cool synthesizer musicians battling each other.

A former President is watching them and even a pulsating ball of pure energy is in the audience!

This is an INSTANT classic!       The commentary also adds a lot to the performance.   ALSO, within the work there are some very interesting titles (and whatnot) given to the commentators and to the performers!

If you enjoy comedy that is a little bit bizarre and DEFINITELY original then I must recommend “Live At The Necropolis: Lords of Synth”

“Xangelix … … is a foool”


DJ ROBO BISCUIT    (stay fluffy)

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