Socio-Economic Life

NOT based on a true story

The teacher addressed the classroom.

“Help me out guys.  I’m confused about something.”

The students were only half-interested.  Some were on their headphones.  Some were staring blankly.

“I just want to know why I’m not rich. Any thoughts?”

A student responded “You are a teacher.”

Teacher: But I’m still confused.  I thought I would be rich by now.  I mean look at me, I’m white.  I am good looking.  My name is simple.  I had good grades.  I went to a University.  I am a white male!  Why is the world not bowing down to me?

Student: Hey Biscuit!  That is kind of offensive.

Other Student: We know white men run the world.

Other Other Student: Yeah but just because Biscuit is white doesn’t mean he gets rich instantly.

Teacher (Biscuit):  But class I am a White Male … … The world should be at my feet … Why am I not a billionaire?   I mean, Donald Trump is a white male and so is Mark Cuban HE is White and Warren Buffett is White!   I just don’t get it, Why is Biscuit not rich?

Student: Do we have a meritocracy?

… … … … …

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2 thoughts on “Socio-Economic Life”

  1. It seems in this story that biscuit is encountering a problem that many face in our current day. Most people don’t have to work hard for anything in their lives and get upset when they find their low effort doesn’t lead to anything great.


    1. Thank you for responding Logan. It’s hard for people to understand what it means to “work hard” yes? Who determines what hard work is? Is it back-breaking labor? Is it working in extreme conditions? Is it similar to the tale of Sisyphus who must roll the boulder up only to see it come back down and repeat? There is for sure some truth in that, within America one must work hard and/or work smart to gain success.


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