Rest and Relaxation (March 22nd)

John had a tough day at work.  His job brings him stress.   He has to navigate through politics and paperwork that seems unnecessary.

When he got home he wanted to unwind.  He did not want to engage in an activity that would be too stressful.

John walked to his refrigerator.  He grabbed a Budweiser.  It was cold.

“Yes Yes Cold Bud!” John was happy.

He walked to a table and grabbed a red crayon and purple crayon.   John also took off his pants.

He walked to a different table.  He reached down for book on the table.    It had a picture of Paris Hilton from the Carl’s Jr commercial (where she washed the car and ate a burger).

On the cover of the book it read “ADULT coloring book.”

“Art Time.” John said.  You could sense a little excitement in his voice.

… … …

(Rest and Relaxation)(DJ ROBO BISCUIT)

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