Clay Thompson (Tennis) 2016

There is a new player on the block!

He is fast.  He is strong.  He has blond hair.  He is Clay Thompson!

Based on his playing style it looks like he likes to go big on his serve and really crash his forehand!

Hard to say if he has the ability to go deep and beat some skilled Pros, in 2014 he lost to Bobby Reynolds but he performed well in Challenger where he had to play against Blaz Rola.

There is no doubt that his ENERGY is a great boost to tennis!  He brings lots of personality to the court with a crazy amount of jumping and fist-pumping and yelling!     I think the fans will love it

Check out these YouTube videos with him playing to see what I’m talking about:


and this one:



Enjoy!   I hope Clay Thompson keeps on winning!    Tennis needs some more Charisma! (Youtube …. Clay Thompson Tennis)


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